Welcome to Tre bliss

“Jeans that fit”

Tre bliss jeans are fashion jeans for every woman size 8 – 20. The have been designed in Australia to fit your body by drawing in your waist and flattening your tummy.

x3 of our waistbands are patented:

Our Judy Jean has the Power Waistband®, which is a flexible wrap enhanced by triple stitching.

Our Jess Jean has the Lumbarloc® Waistband, which draws the waist in and adds support to the lumbar region.

Our Aiders Jean has the Asymmetric® Waistband, which supports the upper tummy and immediately makes you stand up straighter.

All our jeans have realistic hip measurements and a longer rise which helps hide any problem areas.

We make our jeans with high quality special stretch denim, which forgives your curves but never forgets them! The denim has that special mix of cotton, polyester and spandex which makes every pair spring back into shape after many wears and never needs ironing. They are super comfortable.

Tre bliss jeans are fashion jeans that:

  • Draw in your waist
  • Flatten your tummy
  • Support your back
  • Have a longer rise
  • Retain their shape
  • Never need ironing
  • Are super comfortable
  • Are great value