The ‘Judy’ Jean 3/4 Capri in Silky Summer Light Weight Denim


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Product Code: RQ1139-LW-A27

Features of the Judy Jean 3/4 Capri Silky Summer Light Weight  Denim

Feels like silk, behaves like denim with all the Tre bliss qualities

  • The Power ®waistband, the wrap and the waist width have been sculptured to give support to the body. This wrap is very flexible and in enhanced by our triple stitching.
  • Soft silky light weight denim and 3/4 length - perfect for Summer holidays, travelling and fun summer nights.
  • The fabric is especially engineered to give fantastic retention to its original shape can be tumble dried without shrinkage and never needs ironing. Tre bliss jeans forgive... but never forget!
  • The trick with the waistband is to first do up the button on the extension of the wrap and then do up the inner button.


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