The ‘Jess’ Jean Straight Leg in Silky Summer Light Weight Denim Jeans

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Product Code: RP1298-LW-A27

Features of the Jess Jean Straight Leg in our Silky Summer Light Weight Denim On Sale This April!

Feels like silk, behaves like denim with all the Tre bliss qualities

  •  Silky summer lightweight denim jeans. Perfect for Summer holidays, travelling and fun summer nights.
  •  The Lumbarloc ® waistband has been sculptured to fit the body and has been cut to draw the jean into the waist.
  • The strips on the waistband are not decoration, they  add support to the lumbar region of the back.
  • The fabric is especially engineered to give fantastic retention to its original shape, can be tumble dried without shrinkage and never needs ironing. Tre bliss lightweight denim jeans forgive... but never forget!


Lightweight Denim Jeans
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